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Education activities are introduced as an essentially preventive approach to give young people healthy occupations. The education component deals with functional literacy, vocational training,Children living with disabilities, ,evangelization and the library that is open to all.

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Peace building program has three objectives which are contributing to the promotion of lasting peace in the Great lake region, the strengthening of the capacity of the youth for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the strengthening of ties of conviviality of the youth from diverse cultures.

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Economic capacity building program aims to combat poverty and indigence in young people and adults through microfinance, cooperatives and income-generating activities. It helps the disadvantaged population out of poverty through projects of basic needs and GSLA.

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With cultural gatherings, the sport,art and culture program revitalize the cultural troops and promote culture on all its forms through music, traditional and modern dances, theaters,poetry and Rwandan literature, as to develop the talents of young people.

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The activity of evangelization has been created since 2003 with a good number of young people of 153 including 49 boys and 104 girls, The objective is to reach young people in this important aspect of their lives by seeking to communicate to them moral and Christian values... through the following activities: The animation of the mass, organize peaceful tours in the centrals, various parishes as well as the dioceses, without however forgetting peaceful cross-border tours especially in the DRC with other choirs, to share the mass and other ethical and cultural values.